Optimize Your Fresh Department and Cut Your Food Waste with Precision Product Planning


To us, it’s all about keeping things fresh. Fresh food items are a competitive differentiator for grocery and convenience store chains. However, as you know, they have short-shelf lives which can lead to over production and a loss of sales directly impacting your bottom line.


In this recording, our guest speaker, Anne-Marie Roerink, Founder of 210 Analytics, will discuss the importance of finding the right balance of in-stock performance and shrink minimization by optimizing production planning and replenishment throughout the day. It will also take a closer look at how industry leaders are actively managing shrink to improve sales and profits while driving higher shopper satisfaction.


You’d be surprised how quickly you can turn around your fresh department to:

  • Optimize food availability and reduce shrink by an average of 35%
  • Enable associates at all experience levels
  • Increase operational efficiency by generating ingredient pick lists for production runs
  • Make informed business decisions with accurate reporting via fresh-focused forecasting engines
  • Provide near real time visibility of what’s happening in all of your fresh food departments while increasing gross margins by up to 9%

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